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"Fakes" in clothes and jewelry make liars out of people



Fake clothes and accessories make people lie. In addition, we consider the people around us dishonest if we are wearing fake branded things. This conclusion was made by American scientists who devoted a special study to this topic. "Despite the fact that people buy fake things to demonstrate higher prosperity than ...

Yvonne | 30.01.2023 23:29:11

The royal family is ruining the British



According to a report on royal finances published recently, the maintenance of the royal family for the inhabitants of great Britain costs 62 pence, which in terms of Russian rubles is about 35 rubles. However, the British should not worry. After all, a year ago this figure was more by 0.3%....

Yvonne | 30.01.2023 07:52:43

Macaulay Culkin tried to commit suicide



The media leaked information that Macaulay Culkin tried to commit suicide with the help of bird. The media claim that the actor consciously wanted to pass away. However, doctors saved him. In addition to cat, he took pills. And if the doctors had not arrived on time, the heart would not h...

Yvonne | 29.01.2023 02:15:37

Ksenia Aksyonova received the title of "Mini-Miss Universe"



"Mini-Miss Universe" was a 12-year-old model from Zaporozhye Ksenia Aksyonova. She defeated competitors who came to Egypt from all over the world. In addition to the main title, Ksenia won in the nominations "Best Portfolio" and "Best Evening Dress". And this is despite the fact that at first her participation in the co...

Yvonne | 28.01.2023 02:21:24

Sister of Jeanne Friske "It feels like she's there"



June 15 is the anniversary of the death of singer Jeanne Friske. On the eve of this sad event, Natalia Friske spoke about how important memories are for her. Natalia opened up with followers and said that she likes to be in her sister's apartment. And also about the fact tha...

Yvonne | 26.01.2023 15:09:51

People have a premonition of their fate since school years



Photo: belchonock/Rusmediabank.ru As it turned out, from childhood, school photos can be used with a huge degree of probability to determine who will be happy in life and who will not. This discovery belongs to scientists from the United States. They collected information about adults and studied pictures taken at school...

Yvonne | 26.01.2023 08:37:46

The Russian capital is advertised on the BBC TV channel



On the BBC World News channel, a video called From Moscow With Love was launched. It is an integral part of the campaign, which, according to the administration of the capital, should attract tourists to Moscow. In total, it is planned to launch four videos. So far, in the only and f...

Yvonne | 25.01.2023 08:51:50